Hello there 

My name is Robin Antares Rindlisbacher and I am 20 years old. Some of my interests include photography, gaming, sports, and music.

I developed a fascination with photography early in life, I've always loved it. My first ever camera was a small Canon Digicam my parents got me, when I was about the age of 9.

Sadly I don't recall if it's still in my possession.

Years later my dad got himself a Canon 700D and due to him hardly using it, I used it instead and fell in love with photography even more.

In the year 2014 I bought my first very own camera with the first money I ever earned. It was a Canon 70D and it was definitely worth it.

In the year 2018 I started photographing more seriously and throughout the year I bought myself the Canon 6D and Canon EosR. It was my best year in terms of photography so far. I traveled a lot in this time and discovered my love for traveling.

2018 I also finished my apprenticeship as a Computer Scientist and am currently working in this job as well.